This Town Will OD In A Gas Station Bathroom

I could feel it
that you were leaving
you were one that I
always believed in.

In December
you threw the ember
on my heart
made of paper.

Now all night long
I do lines
and lie to you
about things I don’t do.

I’ve been a fool,
one that’s been cruel.
I don’t follow rules
but hate the ridicule.

It’s so risky
when I feel empty
trusting that whiskey
gets truth out of me.

Now all night long
I do lines
and lie to you
about things I don’t do.

Holy I ain’t
and dead I am.
Riding my trails
with white horse to sale.

All I wanted was you
and there’s nothing I can do.
One heart grew closed,
one heart got broke.

Now all night long
I do lines
and lie to you
about things I don’t do.

I shouldn’t drink
you should get clean.
One day I’ll be king
of South Limestone.

This town will pay
for what I did to you.

This Town Will OD In A Gas Station Bathroom

From Dark To Darker (a night long journey)

Part I- Clear

I feel the darkness descending upon me
I always sense it before I see it.
I am sober but can’t find any peace
And wait for the vision in which I’ll fall asleep.

I have been writing a lifelong prophecy
About meeting a girl who could handle me
But in the end she will always leave
And push me into hopeless insanity.

Part II- Evan

I crack you open and pour you out
And feel your burn when we touch mouths.
You burn me down to my very core
I know you’ll bring darkness to my door.

You have always been my dearest friend
And have forgiven me when I tried to end
The relationship that ruined me.
You make me hate me more than anybody.

Part III- Fuzzy

The game is over when I tip my king
Usually on a black square surrounded by everything.
I’ve dug myself into this fuzzy corner
And I am waiting for the queen.

But she never comes
Instead sending her white knight time
And then her black bishop of lies
Guarding both with her distance.

Part IV- Jessica

You tore down all my defenses
Made me feel safe within your fences.
Then my loved ones suicide anniversary
Approached and began to haunt the mind inside me.

Without mercy or understanding
You went to the door running
And left me in a haunted house
Where your ghost is everywhere.

Part V- Aftermath

I lie in ruins
Too careless to build
Them into beauty
For some to enjoy.

The demons vision
Falls upon me.
There is no need
To try and hide.

Part VI- History

I think back to the Bob Dylan concert
Upon the Bob Dylan blanket on which we lied,
And I told you not one more time I would hurt
Without the comfort of a lonely suicide.

You agr33d that is how you would go
And found comfort in knowing the unknown.
We saw an alligator in the sky
And hoped it would swollow us alive.

Part VII- Present

You said you would love me
Inside out forever.
Now my world is spinning
And my soul grows too heavy for me to carry.

My vision is suffocation
Inside a plastic bag.
Thirty minutes until
I go to the dark.

Part VIII- Tomorrow

You’ll hear about it
I don’t need a note.
To tell you how my heart
Broke one last time.

Its funny how
Someone can
Save and take
Your life at the same time.

From Dark To Darker (a night long journey)

Thanks For Nothing

​I was there for you when you couldn’t sleep
Those restless nights and darker mornings.
The same shitty job was not as bad because
only hours separated us.

I told you every painful memory
And the fears that were inside of me
And you took me by the hand
And kissed the tears from my eyes.

I was there for you when your best friend
Became a monster as your relationship ended
And I softly scratched your head and held you
And told you that I would never leave you.

You told me that you would love me forever
And that my greatest fear was not coming true
That I was worth the long distance drive
And I hesitated to believe you.

I wanted to believe it was true
That time wasn’t a factor
That something meant forever
That nothing was a factor.

I believed that you and me
Were the factors of true love
But our equation was divided
And you are giving zero.

And I’m just a suicidal emo
Alone in my thoughts of moving on.
Wondering if I’ll ever recover
Or trust again.

You lied to me
Than thanked me
For everything
Right after you broke me.

Every time you tell another lie
Revisit this page and look me in the eye.
I know you can do it.

Thanks For Nothing

I Am Just A Leaf

Like I warned you

I’ve been lashing out

More from my fingers

than my mouth.

Please know that

It’s not from my heart

I’m just feeling hurt

That you wanted to part.

In all honesty

There is nothing I could say

Against you

That holds any truth.

Is there a word

Or action of mine,

That would make you

Change your mind?

But everything I say

Is showing desperation

And every I do

Is falling short.

Shorter than your patience

Shorter than your willingness

Shorter than the love

You had for me.

You will not forgive

what most write off

As blacked out


I wanted your attention

Because I was lonely.

I’ve learned a lesson

To leave behind with you.

No one is as patient

Or as forgiving

Or as willing as me

To embrace your insecurities.

And I know your secret

That you love to be in love.

And you are at your best

When you’re in it.

You’ll turn over new leaves

Crushing them one by one

On your way back

To lay flowers on a grave.

You’ll spend your whole life running.

I Am Just A Leaf

The Diamond

I had a diamond that I carried with me every day

In the pocket of my shirt next to my heart.

I took her out when I felt alone

And squeezed her tightly to chase my thoughts away.

I felt my diamond and knew I was not being logical

Because she is the greatest gift I have ever been given

A piece of heaven I am able to grasp

And to hold whenever I need.

Wednesday it was dark and I was walking outside

Clutching my most beloved stone, 

When I stumbled and went to catch myself

I lost her in the night.

I fumbled for a light so that I could see

And frantically searched the empty streets

And to my despair found her in the sewer

Glimmering beneath some common water.

I was horrorfied that she was mixed in with the water

And I let out a panicked scream

And my tears flowed and added to the puddle

As I was trying to reach for her.

But she did not reach back

And the rain added to the puddle

And I could no longer tell where she was

And I felt alone without her.

I walked by the sewer today

And looked desperately for her smiling face

But the backwash from the streets

Or the hand of a stranger 

Took my beloved diamond.

Now I am alone again




And saddened.

But she is not where I left her

When I needed her the most.

The Diamond