Cut & Paste

I awaken to the sound of a girl
breathing lightly in her sleep.
Confided in the walls of her room
bounded in blankets and sheets.

Her hair falls freely on her pillow
as her stomach rises and falls.
Her body faces toward me
and her arm rest under my side.

How sweet she is in this soft moment
and I know I must remember to hold it
soft within the pocket of my heart
after the task of the day tears us apart.

Away from the one that fills me
with an abundance of transparency.
Transparency without the curse of fear
because she can be trusted with my safety.

Her mouth twitches and her eyes tighten
and she moves a little closer to my side.
Her hand scans a part of my arm
as she falls a little out of sleep.

I lean over to kiss her forehead
and to touch the quiet cheek
of the one that let me in her bed
and has me completely in sweet captivity.

Her eyes open
and she smiles
and I feel as if
I am in a painting.


Where the pieces of this poem are found:

record player
chipotle hat
starbucks tea
pet food

Cut & Paste

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