I Told You That I Loved You

I know that I called it love
showered you with compliments
made sure that your cup was never empty
and made you laugh at the expense of me.

Your face showed your vulnerability
as you scanned the room of strangers.
You didn’t sense the hidden danger
of the intentions of my selfish heart.

I got you back to my place and kissed you sweet
on the lips and than to your forehead, hand on hips.
I could feel as your knees went weak
when I rubbed your back as I held you against me.

We went inside and went to my room
where I turned on some music to set the mood
and flipped on the Christmas lights, all blue
and turned off the main light to set the glow.

We fell onto each other in a passionate way
as you straddled me I moved the hair from your face
and you started grinding and moaning
as my fingers started warming you up.

My performance lasted longer than expected
and I found every nook of pleasure inside you.
I could tell your mind was blown
and your legs were still shaking.

You went to lie down, but I pulled you to your feet
and told you I was no good for you, hell, I’m no good for me.
Handed you your shit and told you to get the fuck out
and pushed you half naked out of the door.

I know that I told you that I loved you
but you see
I have a habit of saying things
that I don’t really mean.

I Told You That I Loved You

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