I Am The Ocean

I am the deepest and darkest of the earth’s oceans
hidden beneath the rolling surface of my skin
emotional currents stir somewhere within
trapped behind the windows of my eyes.

Five feet in me the sun reaches from the skies;
beneath that there is darkness
so frightening you do not dare to explore
So never changing I do not feel anything anymore.

Few have romanticized my vast mysteries,
and for weeks set ship upon my beautiful blue seas;
but stayed upon their vessel decks of wooden safeties,
hoping to see the whale of my consciousness.

Though there are a few who sailed, there are fewer less,
who submarine or dive far within my chest
searching for my heart of gold that I repressed
due to hurricanes and my most painful shipwrecks.

As people we distantly experience one another from the land
because it is easier to find it in ourselves.
Reprehend the man whose hand tries to understand
and touch the heart of a woman to hold her treasures.

For she assumes that I have shallow motives at most,
or will release my sea monsters turning her to a ghost
from my life, apartment, and the depths of my chest
and steal her heart of gold buried in her shipwrecks.

So I quickly retreat back to the numbness of my deep sea
left forever, for good, to be alone and misunderstood.
In the brightness of my day I will portray the reflection of the sun
in the darkness of my night I will comply the reflection of the moon.

I Am The Ocean

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