Thanks For Nothing

​I was there for you when you couldn’t sleep
Those restless nights and darker mornings.
The same shitty job was not as bad because
only hours separated us.

I told you every painful memory
And the fears that were inside of me
And you took me by the hand
And kissed the tears from my eyes.

I was there for you when your best friend
Became a monster as your relationship ended
And I softly scratched your head and held you
And told you that I would never leave you.

You told me that you would love me forever
And that my greatest fear was not coming true
That I was worth the long distance drive
And I hesitated to believe you.

I wanted to believe it was true
That time wasn’t a factor
That something meant forever
That nothing was a factor.

I believed that you and me
Were the factors of true love
But our equation was divided
And you are giving zero.

And I’m just a suicidal emo
Alone in my thoughts of moving on.
Wondering if I’ll ever recover
Or trust again.

You lied to me
Than thanked me
For everything
Right after you broke me.

Every time you tell another lie
Revisit this page and look me in the eye.
I know you can do it.

Thanks For Nothing

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