I Am Just A Leaf

Like I warned you

I’ve been lashing out

More from my fingers

than my mouth.

Please know that

It’s not from my heart

I’m just feeling hurt

That you wanted to part.

In all honesty

There is nothing I could say

Against you

That holds any truth.

Is there a word

Or action of mine,

That would make you

Change your mind?

But everything I say

Is showing desperation

And every I do

Is falling short.

Shorter than your patience

Shorter than your willingness

Shorter than the love

You had for me.

You will not forgive

what most write off

As blacked out


I wanted your attention

Because I was lonely.

I’ve learned a lesson

To leave behind with you.

No one is as patient

Or as forgiving

Or as willing as me

To embrace your insecurities.

And I know your secret

That you love to be in love.

And you are at your best

When you’re in it.

You’ll turn over new leaves

Crushing them one by one

On your way back

To lay flowers on a grave.

You’ll spend your whole life running.

I Am Just A Leaf

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