The Diamond

I had a diamond that I carried with me every day

In the pocket of my shirt next to my heart.

I took her out when I felt alone

And squeezed her tightly to chase my thoughts away.

I felt my diamond and knew I was not being logical

Because she is the greatest gift I have ever been given

A piece of heaven I am able to grasp

And to hold whenever I need.

Wednesday it was dark and I was walking outside

Clutching my most beloved stone, 

When I stumbled and went to catch myself

I lost her in the night.

I fumbled for a light so that I could see

And frantically searched the empty streets

And to my despair found her in the sewer

Glimmering beneath some common water.

I was horrorfied that she was mixed in with the water

And I let out a panicked scream

And my tears flowed and added to the puddle

As I was trying to reach for her.

But she did not reach back

And the rain added to the puddle

And I could no longer tell where she was

And I felt alone without her.

I walked by the sewer today

And looked desperately for her smiling face

But the backwash from the streets

Or the hand of a stranger 

Took my beloved diamond.

Now I am alone again




And saddened.

But she is not where I left her

When I needed her the most.

The Diamond

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