The Paradox of Value (XXI)

Adam Smith once wrote about the paradox of value 

And in his theory he ponders why diamonds have more value than water;

Since water is essential to life and diamonds are not.

But the answer is life.

Water is a wonder in itself and the Trinity of life

A solid is not a gas, a gas is not a liquid, and a liquid is not a solid,

But they are all H2O and the three different forms are one…

An earthly example of God Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Diamonds are different.

It takes excruciating heat and pressure 

To dilute it of its simpler values and

Lives are lost over what started out as a piece of coal.

Sometimes a person only experiences pain and pressure

And cannot be saved by water or the existence of a three person God.

Though I am a believer in the redemption of the blood of Christ

He is not enough for eighty years of earthly heat and pressure.

But to find a woman who has been rid of her simpler qualities 

Who has only seen great heat from an unforgiving universe

Who has been burned to an old age in spirit

That is what this man understands.

I consider you a diamond in a world

Of water women.

When water pours through my fingers

You can be grasped.

I’ve always had a saying that

Those who understand you are too smart to love you 

And those who love you are too stupid to understand you 

But you chose to do both 

and without you I will die of thirst.

The Paradox of Value (XXI)

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