We Are Binary Stars

For hours, the sky has been dashed with stars
when I found myself alone in my room in misery.
For my own reasons ranging from “J” to “B,”
nursing my wounds and my heart led injuries.

1:45 a.m. I cannot sleep and my phone rings
and I immediately hope and know that it is you.
I reach for the phone resting on the box spring
of a lopsided mattress due to an abundance of apathy.

I answer the phone and you ask if I am asleep
and that you have something that you need to give me
even though I am on a diet and have no desire for gifts
but you insist on the 20 minute late night journey.

I agree and grab my acoustic guitar from the case
and go outside to wait for you in this forsaken place
and begin to pick without inspiration on my face
and wonder what it is that is bringing you to my front porch.

When you arrive the night increased its burning scorch
and I walk out to meet you as you get out of your car.
I ask for a night walk underneath the silver stars
and you agree and we begin toward the horse farm.

The horses are out and look like two silhouettes
charging us because we started heading west
or because the heat was causing us both to sweat
or because we had just lit these Swedish hand rolled cigarettes.

We took the long way back through moonlit, silent streets
that the trees reach over and cover in a darkened canopy.
You are nervous about something you want to tell me
and I am in my own head, alone but anticipating what it could be.

We get back and take a seat on the porch
and for the first time you began to breathe heavy
as you reach into a pocket for a three by five card
of a reaction you wrote to some of my poetry.

I must have read it four times and had no idea
of what the meaning is, but I know I can not keep it
as a reminder of the girl that I love and cannot have
because some other idiots carelessness and selfish actions.

I look at you
as you gravitate
toward me
and I
am always
gravitating toward

You open up to me
and I feel mutual gravitation
for the first time
in this relationship
or friendship
or whatever ship this is
that we are on.

And like binary stars
you meet me where I am
and I become
the happiest man
as I take you
by the hand
and kiss your sweet face.

And I feel like I could die right now
because this is exactly
where I want to be…
Under a sky that might be
full of stars that burnt out
years ago but whose light
is still shining for us.

We Are Binary Stars

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