A Boy With A Death Wish

I love you more than you deserve
strictly because of your inner qualities
and your hot face I miss kissing,
you do not have any inequalities.

You are the sad princess in need of rescue
and I am the hero with a death wish.
The one who will fight the dragons without any fear
until your love can be accomplished.

Or should I just die
out here on the battlefield?
Somewhere between Riften and Solitude
because you cannot be reached or healed.

Because the blood inside you has been poisoned
by an enemy who has already been slain.
You will not do to others what has been done to you
you feel you cannot change your last name.

For what reasons, my dearest?
You are the fairest of them all…
And I am a boy on Dawnstar’s coast
ready to jump, in full armor, to give up my ghost.

But I can be persistent
with the smallest of cues
at the chance of a love returned to me
if it is the one returned from you.

We could both be living
in the safehouse of Whiterun
with the time that we have left
until your liver fails and I load a gun.

Your life is worth my life
and I am willing to sacrifice
your sickness for my health
your poverty for our wealth.

I used to find it strange at the amount of times
the sword fell, the fire went out, and I survived.
But now that I love you it all makes sense
because for you, I would share your disease.

A Boy With A Death Wish

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