He called it forever
And I could not wrap my mind around it
Forever was the amount of times
I had to tell my brother to leave my room
Forever was the forgetfulness on things I had to do
Forever was an abstract term
That only applied to the universe
Not even time could surpass
The limits of forever
July 10, 2016 at 4:33 am Edit Reply

Fire & the Frostbitten Responds:
Forever has no limits and has no place
because it is not a created concept such as time and space.
It takes time to take action and space to complete that action
and forever precedes and exceeds all of Time’s exactions.
Forever is infinite and it is how long that I’ll:
regret not kissing all of your face,
always feel your empty space,
hate how I made you feel unsafe.
I just wanted to cherish you in the time that we have left
but I will not wait for you forever.

My regrets start today
but yours will start one of these tomorrows.
You’ll figure yourself out
and regret missing me for what I was.


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