The Perfect Match

Sometimes I like to go shopping
at the outlet stores on the towns end.
Here, I will go store hopping
for deals to see how creative I spend.

Today I wore a plain white T-shirt,
black boots, and black slacks.
I am oh so ever on the alert
for the sweetest deals to put on my back.

I found a light gray, six dollar, V-Neck,
argyle styled, shirt much like a T.
I took it to the check out clerk,
removed the tag, and put it on immediately.

I went to the next store and found a dark gray polo
and saw they were asking four dollars… so low.
I took it to the counter with a big, smile;
bought it and put it beneath the V-neck argyle.

Now I was looking sharp in black and gray,
but something was missing if I had to say.
I went to a table that was holding ties,
looked around and found one that was white.

The tag said one dollar and I knew it was to be
and I picked it up most hurriedly.
Ran to the counter to make my outfit complete…
tied the tie under the polo and tucked it in the V.

I left the store and was feeling accomplished
and people came up to me with “great style” compliments.
For eleven dollars and a few silver and copper heads
I have the perfect match of beautiful, new threads.

The Perfect Match

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