A Little Boy Died In My Yard Today

A little boy died in my yard today
I was at work and didn’t hear
the horrible accident or immediate aftermath
of the events that we hoped were unreal.

Channel 7 said that a driver behind the wheel
had too much to drink and tried to pass
another car before losing control
and killing the boy on his bicycle.

When I got home my son hugged onto me
and told me about the boy who died in the street
and how people had come to lay flowers
on our yard and to cry with his mommy.

I sat on the front porch for hours and hours
and cried and cried for the lost love
when my son asked me what was wrong
I picked him up and gave him the biggest dad hug.

“Son, to have a little boy die on our lawn,
it all hits a little too close to home.
You will understand someday when you are a dad
and try to imagine losing the son that you will have.
I love you so much and the thought of you dead
leaves a pain in my heart and an obsession in my head.
A mommy lost her son over there
and is living her worst scary nightmare.”

He looked at me and I asked him if he understood.
He looked at the scene for as long as he could.
“Is it like the time when our dog died
and I missed holding him and I cried?”

When he said this my heart dropped
realizing the dog was his greatest loss…

“Yes, son…”

A Little Boy Died In My Yard Today

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