A Cat Named Bob

Don’t be down I am here for you now
you can cry if I lie down beside you and purr.
Keep me close, feed me that wet food I love
and I promise to never stop waking you up
in the morning and rouse you from bed
to come greet the day and the adventures we’ll have.

Out on the patio small things will crawl
and we’ll trap them with our feet and kill them with our claws,
and I will present to you them all.
So do what you will after a round of applause
because I love you and you love me too.
I will not abandon you and you better never forget that you’re mine.

So don’t spend too much of your time
in that outside world that makes you so mad,
with that outside girl who made you so sad.
Who needs a world,
who needs a girl
when you’ve got a cat like me?

A Cat Named Bob

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