That one has to work tomorrow
that one has girls night
that one is washing her hair
that one is visiting her mom
that one is going shopping
that one is busy
that one is not single
that one needs new shoes
that one is working out
that one has to study
that one is sick
that one converted to Mormonism
that one is now a lesbian
that one is painting her nails
that one hurt her wrist
that one didn’t get a tan
that one is waiting on Bieber to tweet,
that one thinks it’s too cold
that one doesn’t want to drive in the rain
that one thinks she is pregnant
that one said she had ebola
that one said she visiting her ex’s sister’s cousin’s baby momma
that one couldn’t find a baby sitter
that one couldn’t find a plant sitter
that one is moving to Ireland
that one is watching Netflix
Fuck, I am out of numbers…


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