Suddenly the world fades away leaving us in a strange room with no boundaries and no corners. Clouds fog the ground that hold us here and we are humbled in the surrounding light. Somewhere to my left I feel the cold frostbite of winter, but to the right there is a fire that is flowing out of you and embracing me. For a moment my body is confused: cold to the left, hot to the right, perfect temperature at my core. Than the perfection takes over.
We stand here hand in hand as the misunderstandings fade like a poem I meant to write or like a dream I meant to ponder. You have brought me here. This place that you know so well is completely foreign to me but I do not miss the darkness that freezes my soul. I pull her closer and feel her warmth touch my heart, instantly causing Jericho’s walls to fall down leaving me confused and a little panicked.
You look at me and through me. You see the sweat upon my brow and the quiver in my lips. You hear the silence in my mind and have exposed my sub-conscience glacier that was mostly submerged into the ocean. You kiss my cheek and than draw closer to my ear: “I love everything about you.”
I pull back out of disbelief. Who could be crazy enough to love me? Surely not anyone as warm and beautiful as she. She smiles and and kisses my cheek beneath my darkened eyes. She repeats herself.
Slowly the lights fade, the clouds rise, and I am surrounded by the smog of this town. You are still holding my hand. I look from the corners of my eyes to see if you are really real. I turn my head and notice that your smile is still reflecting the same warmth as before. My Jericho rebuilds, my sea refills, and the darkness returns to my head. I tell you that despite the walls, I will sink to the bottom of the ocean to lift the ice. You assure me not to change, that without darkness the stars would never get the chance to shine.


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