I will be by your house at 8:30 to pick you up so that we can drive until we reach the place where we both feel comfortable. When we get out and feel the dirt under our feet we will walk hand in hand as we enter the land where the sun is still shining. Sitting in the grass we will smell the gasoline mix in with the smell of the trees as your finger rest gently on the bottom of my lip. A single raindrop will fall from the sky to land on your cheek, proving that your tears can still be beautiful.
The world can be bitter and cold, but out here far away from everyone, we will find comfort in the past and not the future. With guitar strings and kerosene we will mend together each painful memory and every hurtful word that we couldn’t forgive. Blankets will form from the ugly, but our pain will create a pattern so unique and perfect that we would not be able to start over. We will see that though we are different in our seclusion, we can be the same in our time together.
I wouldn’t trade you for anything. With every cut and bruise that stand you black and blue, I find them perfect and thank you for the blanket that is keeping me warm.


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