Nature At Its Best

As the trees are flying all around
uprooted in the wind
I’ll close my eyes to stay on the road.
Every atom that I ever used
to tell you that I love you
will split in two creating the most
beautiful self destruction.

As the tears fill my open eyes
I swam into the ocean
the rain began to fall a little harder
nature at its best.
And just before that single rolling wave
darkly fell upon me I turned to the shore
and saw you watching me from a distance.

You’re just in sight
yet I know that it’s you.
You were always there for me
a day too late.

Sharks lead me to the lonely ocean
I’m sinking to a new low
but they have me by the hands.
As the water fills my lungs
I realize that it feels no different than it did
from drowning on the land…
drowning on the land.

Nature At Its Best

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